Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Roaming in Rome

Last day in Rome...we decided to hit the highlights we missed.

First up we went to monument Victorio Emmanuele II...first lingering among the ruins outside the Forum and then we headed to the glass elevator. Well worth the $21 or so to get the panoramic view of Rome....which included all the sights we have seen. 

After this, we headed back to the Parthenon to see the interior and the building in daylight. Amazing detail! After we walked to Piazza Navona to see the fountains and this famous site for La Dolce Vita. 

Enjoyed some gelato at Grom and people watching and then walked to the Jewish Ghetto or Ghetto Ebraico where we saw synagogue ruins and stopped for drinks. 

After this I got us lost after crossing the Tiber in Trastevere. I think we entered this bohemian village all wrong but we ended up at Baccanale Trastevere (via della lungaretta 81) where many Italians were gathered for the big soccer fame -Italia vs Russia. 

We ate here and had several cocktails while visiting with a young couple from Holland - Lowmae and Bobby.  We exchanged lots of info about our cultures from cost of living, smoking, thoughts on Rome, university, politics and even cleaning help. I felt rich and spoiled explaining that we had this much square feet and someone to help me clean! In the midst of all this fun I screamed..as I saw a rat race under our table and theirs while advising the world to raise up their feet! Guess this was norm for Italians and the Indian vendors selling their treasures nearby as they just laughed and laughed. We lingered there even after the rat vacated the premises. Then took a cab home. I expected to pack and fall asleep but when Jason and I headed to lobby for next day train info we ended up buying drinks and met a new mother daughter duo (Phil and Morgsn) who was also on the 'Travelzoo special' and headed to se spots as us. They have used TravelZoo to are much of the world! 

Some have asked how italian men are treating us.  Italian men prefer Natalie...they walk by her making eye contact the whole time. Natalie says they aren't 'smooth'.

It's also hard to tell Christmas is about a  month away. You just don't see the decor, lights, santas and such that you do in US around this time of year.

Weather has been perfect and look forward to Florence tomorrow.

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