Sunday, November 23, 2014

Accidental tourists

No doubt we are going to get better at being tourists in Italy. It's been a long day ...flying through the night to Frankfurt was not as restful for Jason and I despite the excederin PM. Kids slept decent. Had layover in Frankfurt so found some frankfurters for breakfast. 

Got to Rome and secured a taxi with two other parties ( the flat rate to city center is now 48 euros).  Our hotel is nice but it is outside the old city wall which means we need to metro cab or bus to most places.  We checked in and changed clothes and made our afternoon plan.

When we were ready to eat most restaurants were closed for lunch and prepping for dinner so we got take out pizza and then metroed to the Borghese gardens.

I really wanted to rent a group bike to experience the Gardens and while many were passing by us it was difficult to find the booth that rents them.  

We ended up opting for a motorized train tour and then cabbed to Campo Di Fiore for dinner. But dinner wasn't an option at the restaurant we selected until 7:30 so we made a reservation and then strolled the piazza and stumbled into a brand new gelato place called "ice cream factory" where we met real Italian twins Mario and Luigi! Mario was the owner of the shop but Luigi had the people skills. We were one of their first customers and soon after we were there a local famous Italian chef named Max Massismo (sp?) was there.

We strolled around Campo Di Fiore and parked ourselves at a bar and enjoyed the people watching. The Italians are hard workers...not waiting for customers to come to them but encouraging those in the piazza to give them a try. 

After drinks we headed to Hosteria Costanza- the restaurant that was built where Julius Ceasar was killed years ago on the Ides of March-- March 15 is also Jacob's birthday. Parts of this restaurant are as old as the Colloseum. The wait staff answered many questions and made us feel at home. We ate pasta and seafood and drank wine...

After dinner the restaurant called us a taxi. We all tried to stay awake but the 20 min cab ride had us all sleeping! Luckily  the taxi didn't take us for an extended ride but woke us up at our hotel. We all went straight to bed. I tried to post this last night but couldn't stay awake.

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