Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lost in Venice

We took our train to Venice which took about two hours. The initial impression of Venice impressed us all.  Our next spot Hotel Villa Rosa is convenient to the train station in the Cannaregio district...about a 30 min walk to Piazza San Marco ...assuming you know where your going.

After dropping our bags we grabbed lunch with Phil & her daughter Morgan. We sat outside overlooking a canal. 

After we did some shopping...the Murano glass is beautiful. 'They' say you should get lost in Venice. No problem. We wandered for a bit then stopped for a drink....wandered quite a bit to find Piazza San Marco...stopped for a drink and wandered some more. Venice has like 400 bridges and we'd count them down as we walked. Each is unique in its own way.  

Tripadvisor ratings confirmed our spot for dinner- Antico Calice (calle degli stagneri, 5228. We all had homemade pasta with seafood. 

We decided we were done walking for now so found our way to the Rialto Bridge and took a vaporetta to the train station stop.

We are so happy we are ending our trip in Venice...the pace is very chill. It was good that we stopped in Rome first while we had the energy. Since there is so much to see..them Florence slowed us down a bit and Venice is a terrific finale.

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